Ta'lim Evaluation - DRC


 The Institute of Ismaili Studies     

Department of Curriculum Studies 




This survey exercise aims to gather feedback on the Ta'lim Primary Curriculum from teachers teaching the materials at the primary level. All teachers who have at least one year's experience of teaching Ta'lim are invited to give their feedback. This survey will precede and inform a broader study in selected countries on the Ta'lim materials and their use in the field. Together with the findings of the broader study, the survey findings will inform the revision of the materials. 


As a teacher, who uses the materials to plan and teach religious education to Ismaili students at the primary level, your experience is very important to us. Your feedback will enrich our understanding of how the curriculum is being used in the field. We very much appreciate your time in completing this questionnaire and look forward to receiving your feedback.


If you have any technical issues or questions about the survey, please contact Sulaiman S. Sutar on sulaiman009@gmail.com or via phone 0992155205